Nuru massage

 The word “nuru” comes from Japan and means “smooth”. The nuru-gel used for this massage is made of seaweed (nori) and is transparent, tasteless, odourless and extremely smooth and supple. The masseuse will give you a highly erotic body to body massage with this extremely sensual and sexually stimulating material.

This erotic massage takes place in an attractive “wet room”. First the masseuse will give you the opportunity to have a nice shower. You don’t need to dry yourself and can immediately take a seat on a special mattress. The heated nuru-gel is distributed over your entire body and you will feel the sensation straight away. No other material equals the softness and smoothness from this highly sensual and sexually stimulating product. The masseuse will sensually massage you with long loving caresses of her hands and with the curves of her entire body. The nuru-gel will flow freely and the masseuse will slide over your naked body with highly sensual and erotic movements. She will use her own body as a massage instrument. By adding some water the material becomes very smooth. Then it is time to turn around, and only now can you feast your eyes. The masseuse will not only cover your body with nuru-gel but will seduce you in an erotic, playful way by rubbing you all over with her naked body. The erotic effect of the material is indescribable. The view of this erotic spectacle is a treat for the eyes! Soft loving caresses while her entire body simultaneously massages your chest, abdomen, legs and obviously also your erogenous zones. As the erotic tension fills the room, she will gently massage your scrotum using tantric techniques with a tenderness ideally suited to this sensitive area. The massage continues by focussing on the scrotum and the perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus. Next with her hands she will massage the penis, varying the speed and pressure. Carefully she will squeeze the penis at the base, with her right hand, pulling upwards and sliding downwards, she will then change to her left hand. Right left right left etc. She will then change direction by beginning to gently squeeze the glans and then slide upwards and downwards. By varying the firmness and speed of the massage, a tantric experience is created. You may ejaculate. After this erotic discharge, the masseuse will give you ample time to recover from this highly sensual erotic adventure. Together you will enjoy a shower after this distinctive massage. Although the nuru-gel is transparent, tasteless, and odourless the masseuse will help you to shower in order to remove the product with the utmost care and devotion. Nuru-gel is a blessing for your skin, which will feel soft and nourished after the nuru massage.

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