Thai massage

For the lover of a somewhat softer, sensual massage, there is the Aqua massage or Thai soap massage. Due to the combination of warm water and soap, a pleasant-feeling layer of foam makes the massage go “smoothly”. For every man or woman who loves water, this is the ultimate pleasure. The masseuse slides naked over your body with erotic, rhythmic movements.

You will be taken to an attractive “wet room” and experience the adventure of an erotic Body to Body massage with water. After having had a refreshing shower, you will take your position on a special mattress on the ground and lay down on your abdomen. The masseuse will soap you with loving rhythmic caresses with an odourless soap or massage milk. Her hands will discover your body and identify your tensions and knots. She will concentrate on your total relaxation and will first massage away any tensions and knots. Your entire body will be included during this Thai massage; shoulders, back, buttocks, legs but also your chest, hips and last but not least your erogenous zones. The Thai massage is built up from an extremely soft loving rhythmic massage to a sizzling, exciting erotic massage. Afterwards, the masseuse will use her entire body as a massage instrument. With her naked body, she will slide over you in rhythmic movements. Her feminine curves come in very handy during this Body to Body massage. Entirely smooth from the foam or the massage milk, two bodies melt together in this erotic pleasure game. Your erogenous zones will get special attention. With lovingly erotic movements your penis, testicles and scrotum will be massaged so ejaculation will occur following unprecedented pleasure and surrender. Treat yourself to the pure enjoyment of loving attention, relaxation and erotic tension, and melt away in this lovely warm wateradventure. Both men and women can enjoy this sensation.

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