Yoni massage

Yoni massage is an erotic massage for women. Women are made to feel beautiful because the entire body is touched carefully and lovingly. The way the vulva is touched during the Yoni massage consists of many special touches that alternate and are only stimulated by lust. No area is skipped and the masseuse establishes which touches work for you.

In order to fully enjoy this erotic massage, we create a feeling of safety and privacy for you in an attractive setting. After a nice shower you position yourself on a bed or massage table with a cushion, to give your head and neck the right support. The masseuse begins with full Body to Body massage with warm oil and / or hot stones. In order to experience the full benefit of the Yoni massage, you have to be relaxed and receptive to all actions that the masseuse carries out. In order to achieve this, the masseuse will use a breathing technique together with you, so you can relax even more. In this way, you become more aware of the energies emanating from your body. The masseuse begins to concentrate around the Yoni area. The emphasis is placed on the word abdomen, the thighs and the pubic area. Then the masseuse will slide a cushion under your hips, and she begins with the Yoni Massage.

Yoni massage: eroticism and sensuality for women

The masseuse pours warm oil over the mons pubis and begins a soft, sensual massage of the outer labia. Depending on the responses of your body, she gently squeezes the lips and her fingers slide sensually over the Yoni. She continues with the massage of the inner labia, your response to the touches of the masseuse determine the intensity of the massage. Eye contact and tender words can increase this intensity . The masseuse continues with sensually caressing the clitoris in circular movements, light pressure with the thumb and index finger increase the pleasure. Using a regular and slowly rhythm when caressing, the body slowly gets into the right mood. Now the masseuse will use her other hand and slide her middle finger in the Yoni. With a somewhat tilted position of the middle finger she will look for what Tantra refers to as ‘the holy place’ of the woman. By experimenting with different pressure levels, speed and movement patterns, you will together look for the ultimate feeling of sensuality. To increase the experience of pleasure you can indicate yourself whether you find it pleasant to add another finger in the Yoni, or to stimulate the anus or massage the breasts. The masseuse keeps massaging the Yoni areas, you will feel fully fee and you will be able to let your body decide whether you will come and how many orgasms you will experience.

After this erotic massage you will have a nice shower with the masseuse. This is an experience that every woman deserves to experience, so treat yourself to a Yoni massage in one of our massage salons.

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