Farah’s first Duo massage at MassageWorld

“Ladies, introduction time!”
The second time is going a lot easier. More self-assured I walk to the waiting room on my stiletto heels, introducing myself with my professional name and giving the waiting gentlemen a firm handshake.
I make a half pirouette gracefully. Full of confidence I want to get out of the room, but feel that I am being stopped.Startled, I turn around and see that my dress has got entangled in the thin curtain that indicates the separation corridor / waiting room. It takes a little while before I liberated myself.
We laughed hard; mistake #2. Again, a learning moment.

The client chooses Blues, a gorgeous tall, blonde lady. “Are you coming?” She askes.
“If you allow me”.

At the moment Blues walks to the room with the gentleman, she shouts: “Farah, are you joining us?”
I look around for a moment, who is she talking to? But then I realize that Farah is my name here and that Marieke will only be discussed again when I go home. I quickly walk upstairs behind my colleague.

In the room Blues hugs the client, who introduces himself as Brian and tells him where he can hang his clothes. We also dispose of all textiles. My colleague turns on the shower and says: “Let the big enjoyment begin”
In no time we stand with the three of us under hot water, Brian in the middle. Seductively, he is lathered with hands, breasts and buttocks. It’s obvious that he’s enjoying himself.

Masseuse Massagewereld

Before he lies down on the bed on his stomach he’s dabbed with a soft towel. With her eyes Blues gestures that I have to follow her. With the bottle of warm oil that is pressed in my hand I start oiling “my” side of the body in the same sensual way as my colleague. She smiles at me, it’s going well.

From the feet, through the legs, buttocks and back every spot of Brian’s backside is completely massaged, kneaded and caressed. Evenly our bodies glide past him and over him. Teasing, firm and challenging. “Oh how nice”, we hear again and again.

It triggers us to do our best even more.

Masseuse Massagewereld

“You can turn around”, Blues whispers in Brian’s ear. Again, he feels four hands, two bodies gliding over him with only one goal: to let him enjoy, and that’s what he does, every second! And so do we!
The tension tingles through the room. Blues winks at me.
Separately as well as together we bring Brian to a spectacular happy end and then let us “fall” next to him.
Tickling on Brian’s chest Blues askes: “How did Farah do?” Still relaxing he mumbles: “Perfect!”
I can not suppress a relieved sigh and whisper: “I also loved it ….”

After we had another shower, we kindly said goodbye to Brian and entered the girls room.
“She did a great job, especially for the first time!”
I look around proudly. Everyone is so genuinely happy for me.

It is going to be all right here.
I feel it!