Farah’s first real massage at MassageWorld.

A shiny, male body lies on the bed in front of me, the muscles somewhat tense in anticipation of what is to come. I just gave him a delicious bodywash under the lukewarm shower and now he is ready for my erotic massage. He could choose from five ladies but he wanted me. “You were só spontaneous”  he said when we entered the room; I’m flattered.

My fingers slide to one of the feet. Nothing makes a person more relaxed than a wonderful foot massage. When I feel his muscles relax, my hands move to his calves and thighs. I massage them with light pressure. Because of the sounds he produces I know he likes it. Buttocks, lower back and neck.
The body below me begins to move more and more restlessly.

Masseuse Massagewereld

I turn around quickly. With my buttocks I gently twist over his body in the same order as my previous massage.

“Can I turn around?”
“Just be patient, honey“

Slowly and sensually my buttocks massage the shoulders to almost in the neck. He’s short of breath. Secretly I love those enjoy-sounds and little movements. My breathing is also getting heavier.

“Turn around” I whisper, “it’s time for the real deal”.

Masseuse Massagewereld

Lying on his back the effect of my massage is very clear. It encourages me to step it up and after having massaged his breast and buttocks with my hands I glide unexpectedly with my breasts over his.
“Can I touch you?“ he gasps.
“Yes, lovely, let me also enjoy”, I answer, “my breasts and buttocks are your playground”.

We tease each other andin a playful wayI lead him to a violent happy end. A few minutes I lie against him.
“Did you like it?”
“Oh dear, you were fabulous! And you….I mean…how is it for you? Can you also enjoy yourself a bit?”
“Oh yeah, sure. I love to cuddle and touch, so in my case my hobby has definitely become my profession.”
“Great, because I don’t like fake fuss”.
We sit on talking a bit and take a shower afterwards.

My first real massage has become a success, I’m so happy!  He has not even noticed that I too was a little insecure. And I loved it! He made me feel beautiful, cute and at ease; Super!

I already feel like my next massage.