First day of work at MassageWorld

 “Uh, I’m Marie…Uh…Farah”

Half an hour before opening time I enter the room, which is affectionately called ‘girls’ room’.
There are already a number of ladies. A bit shy I introduce myself with my newly acquired name. To my mistake – I’m so accustomed  at Marieke – is laughed at.

“Fancy a cup of coffee?” June, a beautiful woman with gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, looks at me questioningly.
“Walk along, then I’ll explain the device right away.” I feel the tension slide out of my body. With a delicious cup of coffee in my hands I look around at my new colleagues. Beautiful women, each one of them. Uncertainty is starting to sneak up again.

“Come on Farah, it’s almost 10.00 o’clock. We will open soon. Do you have clothes with you? “I nod.
“Do you want us to watch? We all together ensure that your first day is going to be a top day.” Glad I pull everything out of my bag. All five of us discuss what’s possible, what is not, what is too decent and what too naked. It seems like I’m about to go to a party with friends! Dressing up, chatting and in the meantime listening to the experiences in the rooms of MassageWorld, interspersed with private stories. To my great surprise, I immediately feel at home.

“Ladies, introduction time!”

Already? Suddenly I’m stressed, what should I do, what should I say?
“Come after me, then you can listen”, June whispers. Thankfully I walk behind her towards the waiting room.
“Goodmorning, I’m June”, I hear her voice before she comes out again giving me an encouraging nod.I gather courage for two minutes, I pull myself together, fake self-assurance and walk inside.

There is a blonde gentlemen of about 50 years. In his eyes I see the same uncertainty that also dominates me at the moment. I’m with him in three steps and he gets my most radiant smile.
“Goodmorning, I’m Marie…uh…Farah!” I stutter. The man grabs my my outstretched hand and can barely suppress his laughter. Quickly I leave. Back in the girls room I tell with a red head what happened.
“Never mind, better next time”

The friendly gentlemen chooses for an hour Body to Body with June. At her invitation, I take part in the preparations for the room. Is the room 500% hygienic? How many towels are needed? How do you heat up the oil? Together we make the big bed massage-ready.
“Thanks love”, I return to the girls room. June picks up the gentlemen to give him a delightful massage.

Masseuse Massagewereld

“If you are not chosen during the next round, would you like to join in with one of us then? When the client agrees of course”“Eh….yes please!”
“Then you can check how things are going in the room. “The “warm bath-feeling” is finally in my system now.
What a fine girls!
What a likeable company!

In a minute I’m going to massage for the first time but I’m not on my own.
It feels good.