Internal instruction at MassageWorld

 “Take off your clothes please, all of you”
Coach Dee gives a good example and is naked in no time. My two “fellow  students” – a gorgeous Antillean lady and a tough bikerchick – and I undress ourselves timidly. We are in a massage room in the basement of a century-old building, the room is beautifully styled with obvious respect for history. In front of us is a large bed with a wall-filling mirror: my great enemy upon entry and my partner when I leave the room later!

“We start with the bodywash”. Dee lets the water run and invites my fellow student in the shower.
Slowly and clearly she leads us into the erotic world. Our fear upon entering has given way to enthusiasm and before we even notice it we are soaping each other like accomplished masseuses.
Dee looks satisfied, “ for part one you have succeeded”.

The basic massage training

The basic massage training is so smooth and relaxed that I’m not aware of being naked anymore.
It’s also becoming increasingly clear to me what my body is capable of, it makes me proud. Within a few hours we learn several different techniques, adjusted to our own bodies, accompanied by bottles of warm oil and a waterfall of questions.
“no sex, huh Dee?”
“Absolutely no sex, just a happy end!”
“Oh good, that’s the limit…”
“That matters to everyone here”, Dee laughs, “Come on and show me your butt massage again”.
With my butts I massage her from head to toe in a sensual way. Also the other ladies have quickly mastered this technique. We have also mastered this part within a few hours.

Masseuse Massagewereld
Masseuse Massagewereld

“And now the water massage!”
Once again we go through the same training but now the massages are given with delicious lukewarm water and foaming soap. It makes our bodies so smooth that the Body to Body massage slides even easier.
When Dee says she’s completely satisfied, I find it almost regrettable to have to put my clothes on again.


“Have you already thought about a name?” Dee asks, while she pours coffee.
“Huh…I’m already called Marieke!”
“To protect yourself you may choose a nickname, you use it in the parlor. Your and my privacy is the most important thing at MassageWorld, just think about a nice name.

With my fellow students we laugh a bit about the name issue, it’s still quite difficult but good. Privacy is indeed important in this business. Despite the fact that the work is quite innocent, you do not want your neighbor to know what you’re doing. By using another name you control who knows what about you.

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to choose Farah as a work name, brief and to the point.
I’m already scheduled the day after tomorrow.
Let the games begin.