How much money does Farah make at MassageWorld?

“Did you get your money already, Farah?”
Surprised I look at Blues.
“I have only been working for two weeks so I expect not to be paid until next month”.
When I opened the bank-app on my phone, I was shocked. Money, a lot of money. I earned more in two weeks than I received in my previous job per month.

“Blues, who can I call to report an error?”
“Is it too little?”
“No, far too much!”

“Do you want me to check as well?”
Together we verify it, count my first eight working days together and that’s how I find out that everything is correct. With only eight days of work I earned over a monthly salary, it’s almost incomprehensible. The ladies in the girls room have to laugh a bit at me.
“You’re so shocked that you forget to be happy” Serena smiles. In my mind I keep counting but always I’m getting the same amount. Not a single mistake has been made, all that money is mine. The result of all my massaging.

Masseuse Massagewereld

In my next calculation, I take my fixed costs into account: rent, gas, electricity, water, food and insurance. I still have money left. Gradually I feel joy coming up. Maybe a bit frumpy but already two years I need a new fridge and now I can just by one! And if I buy a not too expensive one, I even have a tiny buffer left. With only eight days of work.

The other ladies are now also thinking about counting their money. Whàt amounts, I don’t know what I’m hearing. One will spend everything immediately, the other will pay off debts. Another one is saving for a family visit on the other side of the world.

I ask if this happened to be a top month but the amounts paid turn out to belong to an average month. “Nothing special”.
To be quite honest I already liked my new job very much but after receiving my first salary, I am completely overjoyed. In my mind I make my entire house beautiful again, I may even go on holiday for the first time in years, who knows.

My small world has been turned upside down in two weeks. When I started this job I had my doubts.
Is this something for me? Can I live on it? Am I pretty enough? Do I fit in this world?
Meanwhile I can answer every question with a resounding “yes”.

My world has been turned upside down in a very positive way!