Working at MassageWorld?

I’m lying on the couch with my feet on the coffee table, swiping through all known job boards. Vaguely I hear the screaming sounds of MTV, however, I have other things on my mind: looking for a (part-time) job. Preferably one that I like.
How many there are! Cashier, waitress, barwoman, warehouse employee, charity saleswoman, member of a promotion team, you name it …
But it’s boring and it hardly earns! Would there really be nothing interesting, challenging to find, which also pays a bit? Frustrated I put my phone aside and fall asleep.

“ zero six, zero eight, zero six, zero eight, I’ll be there if you wait”

Masseuse Massagewereld

What??? I startle and two half-naked ladies look at me from the television screen. All of a sudden, I’m wide awake.
Maybe a job in the – how do you say this? private sector is something for me. Although I’m home alone, I pick up my phone a little embarrassed in order to find via Google a huge variety of vacancies of which I don’t even understand what they mean.

Would I be able to have sex with everyone, for money?

Secretly I would like to try it, but, knowing myself, I know that does not make me happy. Then I even prefer to work behind the counter at the supermarket for five euros per hour! For a brief moment I fantasize about it when my attention is drawn to another advertisement: erotic masseuse. The subtitle clearly states ”no intimacy”.
Would that be something for me? Would I be able to do that? Do I look good enough? Do people want to be massaged by me and willing to pay for it as well?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I write an e-mail in record time, brief and to the point -probably it will be nothing anyway-.

I clearly state that I’m not a model and I don’t have a size 36, that I even don’t know whether this work is suitable for me but that I really would like to try. For minutes I look at the send button and finally click on it, butterflies in my stomach.

The next morning I’m unsuspectingly making my sandwich when the screen of my phone lights up:
e-mail, MassageWorld, oh no, so fast! Will I open the rejection now or later? I grab my sandwich, make a cup of coffee and sit tense.

“Dear Marieke,
How nice that you are interested to work with us!
Do you like to come for an interview next Thursday morning at 11.00?
One of us will explain everything, you get a guided tour and then you can judge for yourself if you like it.
And don’t worry about age, sizes etc.: each woman has her strengths and there is always a need for every strength.

Let me know if you’re coming?

Kind regards,


On a whim I confirm to be there.
In two days,

Erotic masseuse vacancy
In the eleven massage parlors of MassageWorld in Antwerp, Mönchengladbach (near Roermond), Eindhoven, Weert, Heerlen, MaastrichtNijmegen and Soest (near Utrecht) we would like to welcome good erotic masseuses. Call us for a consultation.