By car to Antwerp? Note the low emission zone.

Since 1 february 2017, the entire centre of Antwerp and a part of district Linkeroever are a low emission zone (LEZ). The most polluting cars are no longer welcome in the city to improve the air quality. The conditions of admission always apply and apply to both Belgian and foreign vehicles.

Anyone entering the zone with an unauthorized vehicle will be fined.


Is my car allowed to enter the zone?

Whether your vehicle is allowed to enter the zone depends on the Euro standard.


On www.sna.be/lez you will find an online test that gives a quick answer to whether your vehicle is authorized or not.

The check is done with cameras with license plate recognition. If a non-authorized vehicle enters the zone, a fine will follow.

The LEZ covers the entire inner city and Linkeroever. You can recognize the LEZ on this traffic sign.


Compulsory registration for foreign number plates (except Dutch)

Do you want to enter the zone with a vehicle with a foreign number plate? Then you must register the vehicle once via this tool, even if your vehicle meets the admission requirements.
Permitted vehicles with a Dutch registration do not need to be registered.
The registration is free an can be done up yo 24 hours after entering the zone.

What are my alternatives?
Do you want to avoid the low-emission zone with your vehicle? Then you can use the Park & Rides outside the zones.
By public transport you can quickly and cheaply reach the city centre.
Antwerp is also very easily accessible by train. Get off at Antwerp Central Station and you are immediately in the hart of the city. From here you can easily travel to your final destination via bus, tram, taxi or just on foot. More information

On the website www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/lez you can read all information about the low-emission zone.