Erotic massages for everyone

The time there was a taboo on erotic massages is fortunately long gone. Today men but also women and couples find their way to an erotic massage parlor for a wonderful, relaxing and above all sensual massage. With a wide range of massage types there is a lot to choose varying from an “innocent” topless massage to an exciting Body to Body massage with a happy ending.
Not insifnificant, which masseuse do you choose?

Body-deLuxeWe would like to share our passion for erotic massages with you

Erotic massages are relaxing massages with a sexual and exciting touch. Many people are curious about these massages but dare not take the first step to schedule an appointment. One doubts whether an erotic massage is really something for him or her: is everything clean, what if an acquaintance sees me or how does such a massage actually work?
Enough questions where we like to tell you more about in the next few blogs. Because òne thing is for sure:”unknown makes unloved” and so we love to share or passion for erotic massage.

But who are we? We are MassageWorld and we fulfill a world of excitement and sensuality.

High-class erotic massage parlors of MassagWorld
MassageWorld is a concept in the world of erotic massages. With eleven high-class erotic massage parlors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we are one of the main players in the erotic market. More parlors will be opened in the near future. Erotic massages are literally and figuratively HOT!

We employ more then two hundred erotic masseuses. On our website our girls and ladies introduce themselves with a personal message and exciting photos, of course you can find here who is working, where and when too.

duo-massageErotic massages for everyone
Everyone who likes to relax and enjoys to look for more excitement and sexuality in life, MassageWorld is the right choice.
Our massages are literally suitable for everyone: varying from businessmen to groups of friends at bachelor parties, men in age, ladies alone to couples, in short, literally anyone who likes a relaxing or exciting moment is welcome in our massage parlors. Well almost everyone, as long as you are at least 18 years or older!

How about the happy ending?
In principle each massage ends with a delicious orgasm, the so-called happy ending. Although this is no obligation, usually 99% of our visitors choose for this manual climax. So it’s not a requirement but it can be tricky to hold your ejaculation while a gorgeous masseuse is massaging you with her entire body..Do you think you can keep it dry?

At an erotic massage you surrender yourself completely to the hands, buttocks, belly and breasts of your masseuse. With her caresses, massage acts and sensual touches you experience an intense pleasure, given by a lady that knows all the tricks and shares the passion to make you enjoy.
Perhaps, the most beautiful fact is that you don’t have to perform, just lie down and enjoy.

Discreet, clean and hygienic
We strongly invest in a clean and hygienic workspace for our masseuses. Both for yourself as for our girls very pleasant!
The massage room is well cleaned after each massage, not only for the eye but for the best possible hygiene. When you enter our massage room you definitely know that it’s clean and you can enjoy a divine, exciting massage in a fresh room.

Of course, you can fully rely at our discretion. We are no noisy people and we don’t attract them. We respect everbody’s privacy.

By focusing our erotic massage entirely on you, you always get a massage that suits you best.
Do you like something extra, please let us know and we take it into account. If you visit us with your partner, you’ll get a massage you both like with respect for your relationship.

Are you curious about our erotic massages?