Find the differences: a Thai or a Chinese massage parlor versus MassageWorld

In most major cities you find them in great numbers: Thai or Chinese massage parlors.
Although you can get a good massage at Thai or Chinese massage parlors there are clear differences between these massages and the erotic massages of MassageWorld. To give you a clear picture of the differences we show you a few of them below.

The quality of the massages


First of all there is a difference in quality between the massages of Thai or Chinese massage parlors and the massages of MassageWorld. Before our masseuses are allowed to work in the parlor they will be very well trained and skilled in (erotic) massaging. In addition to their training they get an intensive internal coaching to improve their massage qualities even further. At the simpler Thai and Chinese massage parlors is generally far less attention paid to training and giving good massage instructions.
Of course there are exceptions but you will be a good masseuse if you master several massage techniques and to invest in the quality of the masseuses. You will experience that immediately when you get an erotic massage at MassageWorld.

The hygiene in the massage parlors
MassageWorld attaches great importance to hygiene. To ensure that every customer can take place in a spotless massage room, we clean every room after use thoroughly. Some Chinese or Thai parlors do this too but this is not always the case. Especially if it’s busy you run the risk that you will be taken care of in superficial cleaned room or in a room that hasn’t been cleaned at all after the last customer.

The individual attention during the massages

MassageWorld considers it important that you feel happy as a customer. To make this happen we give every guest optimal, individual attention. That’s why we know what you like or don’t like during the massage and so you’ll start the massage with an optimal, relaxed feeling. We provide not only a relaxed atmosphere in the massage room, it already begins upon entering our massage parlor.
Our receptionists are trained to give you a warm and pleasant welcome even if you just want to inform about our massages.

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The masseuses
MassageWorld has a great diversity of masseuses who can give you a divine, erotic massage.
If you visit a Thai or Chinese massage parlor you only see ladies of the same origin.
At MassageWorld also work beautiful Asian women but they are not the only ones you can book for an erotic massage. Which preference you may have, you’ll always find the perfect match for your massage.

The paperwork of MassageWorld
Finally, MassageWorld has all her paperwork well under control.
This includes not only taxes but also permits, papers of the masseuses and so on.
All is well and properly regulated (Public Authorities check on a regular basis).
If you visit one of our massage parlors then you’re sure that this parlor is reliable, fully legal and safe.

Thai massage at MassageWorld
So, no Thai massage at MassageWorld? No, on the contrary. You are very welcome at MassageWorld for a great Body to Body Thai massage with water or oil but here we put our own unique spin on it.
On our website you can find more information about our loving, erotic Thai massages.