Hamam massage

The traditional Hamam ritual is already more than 800 years old, literally Hamam means a warm place where water flows in abundance. Having chosen for a Hamam massage our masseuse (Tellak) guides you to our Hamam room where she will start with a delicious hot shower for the first cleaning of your body after undressing. Next, you take place on the heated Hamam stone where your body is scrubbed completely with a Kese (a Turkish scrub glove), accompanied by plunges with hot water. The following treatment is a foaming your body with the help of a fragrant bubble bag that will make sure that your body (under soft massage movements) will be covered in a full layer of foam. Then our masseuse will start her divine, relaxing treatment, a massage to make your dream come true. The massage is slowly built up to a thunderous ejaculation takes place that makes all your tensions vanish. Finally, the foam layer is cleaned by plunges of warm water.

The duration of this Hammam DeLuxe massage is one and a half hours.

This treatment includes a wonderful bath filled with ethereal oil or a separate massage treatment with delicious warm oil.

MassageWorld wishes everyone lots of pleasure with this Hamam massage.


Please note: this massage only applies to the parlors in Heerlen and Eindhoven!