Nuru massage

A Nuru massage is the pinnacle of erotic smoothness. Nuru is a wonderful, smooth substance, perfect for a sensual massage with intimate glide movements over the body. Nuru in combination with the acts of the erotic masseuse let you experience an intensive sensual physical contact. Nuru has no color, smell and taste and can be used all over the body. Our erotic masseuses find it delightful to pamper you with a Nuru massage.

Nuru massage: sliding pleasure
The Nuru massage starts with a great shower. Then the erotic masseuse spreads the heated Nuru gel on your body. You immediately feel the delicious thrill; the smoothness and softness of Nuru has a lustexciting effect. The erotic masseuse will rub her entire body erotically with Nuru gel followed by her hands and body for the Nuru massage. The Nuru makes physical contact extra intimate and exciting. The erotic masseuse pays special attention to your erogenous zones. When the erotic tension sizzles through the room the erotic masseuse will complete the Nuru massage with Body Intensive techniques and take you to an intensive happy-end.

Nuru massage in Antwerp, Mönchengladbach, Eindhoven, Weert, Heerlen, Nijmegen and Soest

In every massage parlor of MassageWorld (in AntwerpMönchengladbach > Roermond, Eindhoven,  WeertHeerlen, Nijmegen and Soest > Utrecht) our erotic masseuse let you enjoy a sensual Nuru massage.
Nuru massages are suitable for gentlemen, ladies and couples. In each establishment you choose for the Nuru massage the preferred masseuse(s) yourself.