"A combination of a devil and an angel, that's how you describe me perfectly."

Meet Demi

Massagewereld Bloem

Hello gentlemen,

I’m Demi, a flemish Blonde with a light bronze, shiny skin, intense but also soft. A combination of a devil and an angel, that’s how you describe me perfectly.

Ssssssttt… you have those exciting fantasies and I have a bit of a kinky side. Let’s merge these 2 characteristics into a 50 Shades Massage. Do you venture this?

Now let’s dream away and imagine that there is someone who will let a tingling feeling go through your body with a Body Intensive massage, and who wants to determine what you want and what you’re hungering for.  Forget everything and have a wonderful moment together!

What would you do?

YES indeed, what are you still waiting for? Call our receptionist and make an appointment with the mysterious Demi……



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