"Are you willing to obey? Sir, do you want to play?"

Meet Izze

  • Masseuse Massagewereld
  • Masseuse Massagewereld
  • Masseuse Massagewereld
  • Masseuse Massagewereld
Massagewereld Bloem

I will dominate you on this trip…
Join me in this game of seduction and domination.
A massage with a very naughty touch..
No real pain but I do play with stimuli and challenge all your senses.
I’ll tempt you to behave badly, to seduce you in surrendering and to punish you when you give me a taste of your dark side.
I make the rules..
Are you willing to obey?
Then I have only one question for you …
Sir, do you want to play?

Xx Izze

For whom:

Men/women/couples who:

  • are open to something new, exciting
  • think it’s sexy if someone exactly knows what she’s doing
  • always had a bit of naughty dreams
  • wish to revive their sexual relation and discover new things together, also for at home
  • actually always arrange everything themselves and now want to be told what to do
  • simply want to enjoy a sexy game during a massage

What can you expect:

A sexy environment….but safety comes first!
It is and remains a massage with a naughty touch.
You’ll have no pain, it’s an experience so no real “SM”.
We do play with handcuffs, hot oil, candle grease, blindfold, whips, feathers etc..(if there’s something you don’t want, just indicate in advance), it’s just a game!
We discuss the expectations and desires, as well as your experience in this area, in advance.
Also during the massage you can always indicate if you do not like something.
You get a stimulating shower session and a very naughty massage…and if you behave…… a fantastic happy end.
I’m looking forward to tease you!


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