"In short, Miss(es) X remains mysterious until you remove the blindfold."

Meet Mystery misses

  • Masseuse Massagewereld
  • Masseuse Massagewereld
  • Masseuse Massagewereld
Massagewereld Bloem

Mysterious I am and remain until I …

This is the ultimate challenge, do you dare?

Make an appointment with Miss(es) X or indicate by entry to our host that you come for Miss(es) X.

What can you expect?

The hostess will, in consultation with you, look at the erotic massage you would like to have and for what length of time.
Then you will be taken to the room where you can take a refreshing shower and put on the blindfold that’s already there.

Miss(es) X will enter the room a few minutes later and give you the desired massage. A real blind-date massage, only you selected the erotic massage.

Who is Miss(es) X?

I’ll lift a corner of the veil,

You may know me already, but it could also be that I am new in the business or that I usually work in another parlor…

It’s also possible that I already gave you a divine, erotic massage or that you spotted me in the corridors…..

I’don’t have a profile on the site but……. that makes me even more mysterious!

In short, Miss(es) X remains mysterious until you remove the blindfold.

Lots of love,




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