1995: Ton opens the very first erotic massage parlor in Maastricht… MassageWereld is born!

After a few successful years on the Annalaan, MassageWereld moved in 2003 to the Grote Gracht, right in the center.

From all countries and regions you came to visit us and thank you for that!

Day trippers, businessmen, couples, regulars, ladies only (nice!); many of you knew where to find us.

Sometimes the conversation went with hands and feet, 1 time all the way with Google Translate (no I don’t speak Chinese), but most of the time we got by. Besides… Body Language is a Universal Language!

Sweet things happened: clients standing in front of you with cake, bringing gifts for the masseuses or fried fish from the market.

Sad things also happened … clients who unfortunately passed away very young or came to enjoy an erotic massage and touch despite serious illness.

The atmosphere was (almost) always good! For many masseuses Maastricht feels like their second home, most of them have been working here for years (1 masseuse even for 15 years!) and most of them find it hard to say goodbye…

But what we mostly did was laugh!

And now I’m going to tell you a secret… MassageWorld Maastricht has its own ghost!

Ever had a massage in the Ridder (now room 4)? And never noticed anything strange? So that’s where our ghost is, although he/she has been behaving in recent years….

Strange things happened in that room… just checking that everything is tidy in the morning and then suddenly you hear groans! Hairs stand up, goose bumps all over! Oh no, it’s the radio.

Masseuses who didn’t dare to clean up the room late at night because if you went into the room alone you suddenly got a cold gust of wind along your body… lights that suddenly start flashing… masseuses who were in the room next door suddenly hear the water from the shower running on the Knight… someone falls down the stairs and said she was pushed… the intercom that suddenly goes off downstairs while 100% no one is in the Knight…

But worst of all was a masseuse going into the room alone and there really was a ghost in the shower! (Hmm no I think that fell more under the motto: scaring colleague by standing there with a white sheet over you…)

Anyway, after the masseuses had thoroughly cleaned the room, and no that was not done with chlorine, it became quieter … the only question now is, for how long!

Last year we celebrated our 27th anniversary (meanwhile there are 7 salons at home and abroad) grandly, but unfortunately Maastricht is going to say goodbye.

Due to parking problems, rising costs and other inconveniences, MassageWorld Maastricht will close its doors on 1 January 2023.

Bye dear customers, thank you for everything! And bye dear Maastricht, we will miss you!! Hoienhe!