Party at MassageWorld


Our generation will probably never be able to pronounce this sequence of numbers again without directly thinking of lockdowns, viruses and other terms that only appeared in movies before that year. Yet there is also a lot of positivity, especially at MassageWorld.

First of all: The relief and joy at the end of June was enormous when we were allowed to open again in July. The party to meet again all colleagues everywhere -admittedly at a distance of one and a half meters- which once again shows that the saying “You only know what you’re missing when you don’t have it anymore” is absolutely not a cliché.

The first time to massage your very special clients again: all happy endings! Literally and figuratively..
Working days that used to be “normal” are now days with a golden edge.

It goes without saying that things have been changed and ajusted in order to guarantee your and my health. Our receptionists are safely behind a screen and masseuses are no longer allowed to shake hands when proposing. There is also a lot going on behind the scenes: for example, there is a lot of cleaning! Each room is thoroughly disinfected after a massage; hands, toilets etc. are also cleaned excessively.

Amongst themselves, in the so called girl’s room, it’s cozier than ever. Of course, the guidelines of the RIVM applicable at that time are also followed here, but that does not alter the fact that joy, sorrow, food and drinks are shared as always.

Every morning when the doors open is a party for us!

Are you coming to join us safely?