Topless massage (classic massage)

The ideal combination of a classic relaxation massage and a touch of eroticism on a massage table.

After a refreshing shower you’re going to lay down completely naked on a massagetable. The masseuse massages you topless with her hands in a cozy room; the right temperature and customized music already ensure a certain mood.

Her hands search your entire body for all the tension and knots in your muscles and with rhythmic strokes and vibrations she ensures total relaxation. Slowly but surely she builds up the massage and the erotic tensions will vibrate through the room. You can see everything very well and enjoy all loving attention. The masseuse will only focus on your erogenous zones. A rhythmic penis massage will ultimately give you an orgasm.

Topless massage

In Mönchengladbach the 2G + rule applies: 1. Fully vaccinated + negative anti-gene test or 2. Fully recovered (proof must be submitted) + negative anti-gene test