We open again!

15. March 2020

Just in time I run into our parlor. At noon I have an appointment with a very nice customer, so I disinfect the room and quickly find my things together.

At the moment everything is ready the bell rings: perfect timing!
“Do you have a cold? Do you have other corona-related complaints?” I hear the receptionist ask.

After a negative answer, my customer disinfects his hands and the party can start.

As always Leo gets a massage that makes us both happy. Unsuspectingly, I tell him that I always try to give each massage as if it were my last. It’s a very busy day. Despite the increasing fear, the need for personal physical contact always remains important, there is no time to watch Rutte’s press conference.

The mood changes from one moment to the next.
“We’re going to close!” Our receptionist is visibly affected, everyone emptyly collects their belongings.
Not knowing when we’ll see each other again we say goodbye.

We live in uncertainty for months. There is a lot of contact between masseuses, receptionists and management. Suddenly there is a gap in everyone’s life, in terms of time, social contacts, but also financially. It’s a rotten time but as long as we stick together we’ll make it!

 24. June 2020

Most of us don’t even feel like watching the latest Corona press conference. A few do it anyway.
Soon the apps fly back and forth: we can open again!!! Two months ahead of schedule. Everyone is delighted!


On July 1 the time has come: all Dutch massage parlors of Massage World open their doors again at ten o’clock.
The saying: “ You only know what you have, the moment you have to miss it ” is certainly not a cliché. We are all looking forward to it so much!

Of course we will protect our and your health and abide all the rules of the RIVM, but…………..We open and have a party again. Every massage!


Make a reservation with your favorite masseuse soon.
Want to bet she missed you too?