Dark room massage

All our senses become “focused” when we lose our sight. A loving body to body massage in a scarsely lit space. You will experience how your body reacts completely differently as this massage gives you a highly intense feeling. The choice of material is yours: warm oil or water and soap.
Dark room massage: pure pleasure

In order to fully enjoy this erotic massage, we create a feeling of safety and privacy for you in an attractive setting. After a nice shower you position yourself on the massage mattress or massage bed.

The masseuse will make the room completely dark except for one or two dim lights. Therefore you are more or less forced to stay with your own highly intense feelings. What do the soft caresses of the masseuse do to your body? Do you get goose pimples or are you overwhelmed by warm loving feelings?

The masseuse will first touch your entire body and massage any blockages away. With long soft or short caresses varying in pressure and speed all your muscles will be brought to extreme relaxation. Your back, shoulders, buttocks, and legs will entirely relax during the massage. After that, the masseuse will use her own body as a massage instrument. Arms, legs, breasts, and buttocks will gracefully slide over you. Sometimes you will not know what you are feeling because you have to guess in which position the masseuse is sliding over you. You will only be able to see shadows and in this way your senses and feelings will be heightened and intense. Halfway through the massage you may turn around and lay on your back. The masseuse will massage your front, no area will remain untouched. After that an entire body to body massage with the body of the masseuse over yours will take place. Erotic tension is built up and the feeling that this massage gives you is very close to yourself because you can barely see the masseuse. In the end the masseuse will give your testicles, scrotum and penis a massage. This will also be an exciting experience because your eyesight no longer helps you. Fantasy and a highly intense feeling will alternate and the alternate techniques of the penis massage will surprise you over and over again. After ejaculating the masseuse will give you ample time to recover. Naturally you will have a lovely shower after the massage and the lady will ensure that all oil is removed carefully.
The dark room massage is a highly exciting erotic and intense experience that involves all facets of the erotic massage intensely and intimately.

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