About MassageWorld

Massagewereld was created after a holiday in Thailand, the land of the “Thai massage”. We underwent several erotic massages there and were so impressed that we wanted to experience this more often. This sprouted the idea of bringing the massages to the Netherlands.

After several weeks of exchanging ideas, finding a suitable location as well as allocating the necessary financial resources, the implementation of our dream was started. In 1995 the construction of a ‘massage parlour’ started at the Sint-Annalaan in Maastricht, the Netherlands. It had to be something unique for the Netherlands. During construction, several different ideas about various massages arose.

One of the plans was to create a unique room where true ‘aqua massages’ (Thai massages) could be given. An aqua massage or Thai massage is a body to body massage that is given with soap and water, in a specific and attractively decorated ‘wet room’. It is a true luxury to experience this. The Thai massages were unique for the Netherlands and a resounding success.

This concept proved to be so successful that soon it was decided to open a second branch. A very suitable location was found at the Fliethstrasse in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Also here, the concept of Massagewereld worked. After the success in Germany, Belgium was added to the wish list of Massagewereld. On the Londenstraat 1, a beautiful historical building was transformed into a special massage salon, currently popularly known as “The number One”. From the very beginning, Massagewereld has sought high quality masseuses and massages, whereby friendliness, openness, and hygiene are the main factors of the business. With the tireless efforts of our hostesses and masseuses, the concept has been able to grow to its current size.

We are proud of our 7 branches of Massagewereld.

We are proud of all our great hostesses.

We are particularly proud of all our more than great masseuses.

Meanwhile, our range of different massages has grown tremendously and currently there is a wide range of possibilities for erotic delights for any man or woman experiencing a massage at Massagewereld. We therefore invite you to come and enjoy this wonderful experience. Massagewereld welcomes you at one of our massage salons in Heerlen, Weert, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Mönchengladbach or Antwerp.