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Erotic masseuse

erotischemasseuse-1To our female visitors!

You are a neat, open-minded lady looking for a lucrative and non-everyday job or part-time job?

Then you should get to know us!

We are a friendly team with a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration in an extraordinary, beautiful and pleasant atmosphere offering erotic massages.

Our guests are almost without exception decent, well-kept gentlemen who know to behave appropriately and respectfully towards you.

Good income, collegial behavior and respectful treatment are just as obvious as absolute discretion, a neat mannersform and attention to your wishes!

We are pleased to offer you more information in a non-committal female-to-female conversation about working in the world of massage.

Erotic masseuse vacancy
In the eight massage parlors of MassageWorld in Antwerp, Mönchengladbach (near Roermond), EindhovenWeertHeerlen, Nijmegen and Soest (near Utrecht) we would like to welcome good erotic masseuses. Call us for a consultation.

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