Body to body massage

The Body to Body massage is a lovely, erotic massage whereby the masseuse will not only massage you with her hands but with her entire body. Arms, legs, breasts and buttocks will be “transformed” into massage instruments. In an attractive setting with adapted music, the naked lady rhythmically slides over your entire body and in this way combines relaxation and excitement in an unprecedented way.

Massaging is often only done with the hands, but in fact the entire body will be used as a massage instrument. This erotic massage is given on a bed, in an attractive room, with music to get you in the right mood. After a lovely refreshing shower to wash away all daily tensions, you lay down on a massage bed. The masseuse starts scanning your body to feel whether you have hidden knots in your muscles. With rhythmic movements, harder and softer caresses the masseuse first tries to help you relax completely and make you forget all your daily worries. Your back, buttocks, legs, feet but also your shoulders, arms and hands will be massaged. The masseuse will pour the warm oil freely over your body and her own and afterwards she will make you familiar with the technique of a highly erotic and rhythmic Body to Body massage.

What is a Body to Body massage?

With gracious movements, the masseuse slides over you with her naked body. Both over the backside of your body as well as the front side. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is pure eroticism. This Body to Body massage is a real massage that makes your muscles feel lovely and relaxed and where needed, tensed. The combination of massage techniques filled with pure erotic and rhythmic movements with a naked body covered in warm oil, makes this massage a unique experience. The massage and the masseuse get fully involved in the responses of your body and muscles. So no two Body to Body massages are the same. An erotic massage is not complete without a Body to Body massage. When entirely relaxed, the enjoyment of her naked body over yours will certainly build up erotic tension. In a highly loving way, the masseuse will massage your penis, testicles and scrotum until ejaculation takes place. All our erotic massages are finished with a manual climax.

Body to body massages at Massageworld

Interested in a Body to Body massage? Than Massageworld is the place to be! Massageworld offers a variety of Body to Body massage variants. Below you find a short explanation per massage. Do you wish to know more? You can always contact us, our receptionists will gladly provide you with more information.

The Body to body massage Aqua

Experience what an erotic massage with the blessing of water, soap and the lovely body of one of our great masseuses can do for you. You will feel like God in heaven. Imagine a Body to Body massage aqua like this; nice warm water, Thai soap and a great naked masseuse’s body. Add to this erotic combination the nice feeling of a layer of foam that makes the massage ‘smooth’. For each man or woman who loves water, this is the ultimate pleasure. The masseuse slides with her naked body over you, she will not only use her hands. Her upper body, breasts and buttocks will be used so you’ll able to enjoy both the front- as well as the backside of this erotic massage.

The Body to body (massage) Oil

A lovely erotic massage whereby the warm oil and the soft hands of the masseuse stimulate your body. It begins with the relaxing of your body, after which you are slowly and sensually stimulated by the breasts and buttocks of the masseuse, spurring you on to an exciting end. The erotic massage is given on a bed, in an attractive room, with music to get you in the right mood for the total pleasure of contact with the naked body of the masseuse. Warm oil is spread over your entire body, so the masseuse can slide over you with her gorgeous body. The masseuse uses her upper body, breasts and also her buttocks to really make it pleasurable for you; both on your front as well as your back.

The body to body massage deLuxe

The Body to Body massage DeLuxe is a a highly intensive sensual Body to Body massage with an extra climax. Imagine: a naked lady slides over you whereby warm oil or water and soap are the “guiding factor”. Sometimes the “need” is so urgent, that you can’t enjoy a lovely erotic massage. Herefore we have the Body to Body massage DeLuxe. The masseuse gives you full attention and where normally first the back of the body is massaged, the masseuse now begins with your erogenous zones at your front and massages your penis, testicles and scrotum. This happens in a highly loving way so you will ejaculate. After this discharge you turn around and a lovely relaxation massage commences. Your shoulders, back, buttocks and legs, feet, arms and hands will get all the attention and with soft caressing movements the masseuse ensures that you enjoy this lovely body massage. You can indicate yourself whether you would like more or less pressure from these rhythmic caresses. Once you have “recovered” a bit, our masseuse will start the erotic game again. Using plenty of oil on her own body, she will slide over you and give you a highly erotic and sensual Body to Body massage, whereby the rhythm and pressure of her own female curves play a very important role. The objective is to seduce you to a second climax.

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