Body to body massage

With an erotic Body to Body massage you’ll experience the optimum of eroticism. Our masseuses let you experience a sensual Body to Body massage by using creamy oil or foam. Every spot of your body will be intensely taken care of while our masseuse uses her entire body: the naked masseuse glides at the Body to Body massage rhythmically over your body and brings you into higher realms.

Body to Body massage: ultimate pleasure
The erotic Body to Body massage starts after a relaxing shower. In the attractive room you take place on a bed. The erotic masseuse explores your body first with her hands but soon she uses her whole body to let you experience the ultimate pleasure of a smooth nude women body on yours.. In doing so she uses hot oil or creamy foam, which she generously throws over your and her body. The masseuse gives your erogenous zones special attention with her magic fingers in order to make you “discharge” sexually in a divine happy-end. We offer a Body to Body massage De Luxe as well: at this Body to Body massage is also at the beginning of the massage extra attention for your erogenous zones, just to ensure to get a happy-end at the start as well as at the end of the massage.

Masseuse Massagewereld

Body to Body massages in Antwerp, Mönchengladbach, Eindhoven, Weert, Heerlen, Maastricht, Nijmegen and Soest.
In every massage parlor of MassageWorld (in Antwerp, Mönchengladbach > Roermond, EindhovenWeert, Heerlen, Maastricht, Nijmegen and Soest > Utrecht) our erotic masseuses let you enjoy an erotic Body to Body massage. Body to Body massages are possible for gentlemen, ladies and couples. In every parlor you can pick your favorite masseuse(s) for the Body to Body massage.

In Mönchengladbach the 2G + rule applies: 1. Fully vaccinated + negative anti-gene test or 2. Fully recovered (proof must be submitted) + negative anti-gene test