Cookie Statement Massageworld

1. Introduction

MassageWorld is responsible for optimal functioning of its website. In order to ensure that the website functions properly MassageWorld uses technology that processes personal data, such as cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s device (electronic device) on the first visit to a website. Cookies are intended to collect information about someone, the website or statistics. Some cookies also have the purpose of improving user experiences of the website.

2. Types of cookies

We distinguish between four types of cookies:

  1. For functional purposes
  2. For analytical purposes
  3. For advertising purposes
  4. For social media sharing options
  1. For functional purposes

We use these types of cookies to register and remember your preferences as a visitor. This means you do not have to enter your preferences every time, making the website is easier to use. We always place functional cookies. These are necessary for the website to work properly and do not process personal data other than for the purpose for which these personal data are entered.

Non-functional cookies, type 2, 3, and 4 from the above list, process personal data outside your field of view. That is why we always ask your permission before we place these cookies.

  1. For analytical purposes

Analytical cookies are used to collect statistics on the use of the website so that we can improve the functionality and effectiveness of the site for the benefit of our users. For example, we measure the popularity of certain pages and the click behavior on our website. The external software we use for this is Google Analytics and Hotjar. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we do not share privacy-sensitive data with these external parties and we have a processing agreement with them.

  1. For advertising purposes

We use these types of cookies to help us show relevant advertisements on third-party websites (including via advertising networks of Google, LinkedIn and other third parties) to people who may be interested in our products. In addition, we use these cookies to measure the performance of our advertising campaigns. We can also limit the number of times you see an advertisement with these cookies, so that you do not always see the same advertisement. Finally, these types of cookies are also used to help you unsubscribe from our advertisements.

  1. For social media sharing options

On some websites, you will find buttons to easily share articles and pages on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. These buttons work through pieces of code (scripts) that come from these social networks themselves. These scripts also sometimes place cookies (we have no influence on this).

3. Blocking and deleting cookies

If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer, you can indicate this in the cookie notification that you will see on the first visit to our website. If you have accepted our cookies before then you will no longer see this message and you will have to delete the cookies yourself (if desired).

Through your browser settings, you can delete existing cookies, allow or block all cookies and set preferences for certain websites. More information about this can be found in the Help feature of your browser:

You can also choose to block cookies being placed via your browser. If you block all cookies our website will not work as well and you may not be able to use all features of this website. We recommend that you selectively disable unwanted cookies. You can do this in your browser settings.

4. Change in cookie policy

MassageWorld reserves the right to regularly adjust this cookie policy. The most recent version is published on this page.

If you have any questions then please send an e-mail with your question to: [email protected]

Version: May 2018

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