Apply for a job at MassageWorld

Thursday morning 06.00 o’clock.

After a sleepness night I decide to get up anyway. Since the invitation for a job interview the nerves are already screaming through my throat. If only I had a daisy, my doubt would be vanished after the last picked leaf and the flower should be to blame, not me. “Don’t be such a baby” I say to myself and step in the shower.

What to wear? What to wear for a job interview as an erotic masseuse? Again, I was terrified.
I really don’t go on the street like a slut. A simple black dress, suitable for any occasion said the saleswoman at the time. Hopefully for this occasion too. Now the make-up. After much deliberation I decide to go as myself, take it or leave it.

The time is slowly creeping towards noon. Still 3 hours to go, two hours, óne hour, oh shit, I must hurry!
At 10.25 I walk past the parlor, at 10.27 again, at 10.29 I gathered enough courage and ring.

The door swings open.

“Hello” calls the receptionist. “ You must be Marieke? I was already waiting for you!”
“ Yes, uh…I’m… Marieke. She shakes my hand warmly, in the meantime presenting herself as Sandy.
She is really very nice!
After having provided me with a cup of coffee, she takes me to a small room.

“ How nice that you’re interested in working with us, what do you expect?”
“ Well, I uh.., I don’t know, it just seems fun”.
“ Can you massage?”
“ No…”
“ It doesn’t matter, we train our masseuses ourselves to guarantee our high standard”
“ That’s great!”
Because of her positive attitude, the nerves slowly slide away from me.
If everyone is so nice, I’m going to try it, I think, ìf..they want me.
“ But what should a masseuse look like?” Throwing the “appearance-aspect” at her.
“you are gorgeous, every woman is beautiful in her own way, you’re going to get busy here.”

Unconsciously I breathe a sigh of relief.

The explicit announcement `no sex’ was the decisive factor. What the heck, I’m just going to do it! If it’s no fun, I can quit in a minute.

The enthusiasm with which Sandy leads me into this unknown world is contagious. At the end of the interview I can’t wait until my first course.
Who would ever have expected that?

Marieke as an erotic masseuse..
If that’s not going to be a “happy end” in my life!