Marieke’s/Farah’s first couples arrangement at MassageWorld.

“Farah, you have an appointment at 2 pm” our receptionist calls in passing by.
“Oh yes? Who is it?” I am still curious about every guest who, from all my wonderful colleagues, has chosen me. That he has taken the trouble to call and also has made a reservation, makes me feel special.

“WHO are they, you mean! It’s a couple. “
I almost had a little stroke.
I have had the training, but have never massaged a couple so far. Quickly I walk to the girls room, where two colleagues are drinking coffee and are chatting.
“Help! I have a couples arrangement but I have never done it before, you?” They both nodded yes.
“Please tell me all about it”, I also make myself a nice cup of coffee and sit down with them.

“Did you have the training?” is the rhetorical question.
“Of course, otherwise I would not be allowed to do it anyway? “
“You’re going to make it work, just tell them that you don’t have much experience with couples and try to make them as satisfied as a solo customer.
“But that woman, howcan I best consider her feelings?”
“Talk, Marieke, talk. Ask in advance what they expect from the massage, what their wishes are, how far you can go and whether they want a happy end of you, or that they wish to spend time together in the remaining half hour”
“Oh, thank you, this really helps”
“Try to be at ease yourself, then you can also let them relax more easily. Normally it’s always very cosy!”
Sipping my coffee I absorb the information.


There is a vibration in my eye that does not want to leave. I walk to room 5, with bath and make sure everything looks bright.
Bubbles? Check
Appertizers? Check
Massage bed neat? Check
Nice smell in the bath? Check

Masseuse Massagewereld

“Farah, your appointment is here!”
Very softly I turn on the huge bath so that it is just full and warm enough in an hour and walk to the waiting room. The moment I walk in their conversation stops. Expectantly four eyes look at me, I realize that this is the first time for them as well and a hundred kilos tension falls off my shoulders.
With a big smile I introduce myself to them and see that their nervousness also decreases, I join them for a second,hand out some sweets and have a chat.
They are very cute!

“We are going to have a nice hour, I feel like it”. I stand up to bring them to the room, “it already feels good”, the woman says.

I expect that the couples arrangement is going to be one of my favorite massages.